Revolve Cafe is committed to lowering our overall carbon footprint & help lower the amount of waste we produce both directly and indirectly.

Take/Leave a Cup Initiative

Over the course of the last few years we've seen an substantial amount of paper/plastic cups both from our shop & competitors both litter the neighborhood and thrown into the landfill.

We decided to start an initiative as even with a discount on bringing your own cup you may occasionally forget it. With this program you can bring your own cup and get 15% off. Donate a cup to the cause for 25% off or just use an available one for 15%. Combine these deals and get 40% off!!!

Unfortunately this initiative is currently inactive due to COVID-19 reasons.


As a business we aren't fortunate yet to be able to use the City's available home use compost program. We currently use staff's personal compost bins for all of our coffee grounds & vegetable prep remains until a such program becomes available. Interested in taking some compost off our hands for your garden? Shoot us a message :) 

Milk Alternatives

In most shops someone who may have a lactose aversion will have to pay more for their coffee. We see the burden on the environment that Dairy does and we let you switch out your milk free of charge! Oat?Almond?Coconut?Macadamia? We don't care!